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Improve brain and memory health in mature adults

Use MemoRise to:

Naturally assist the brain with cognitive tasks and functions
Support the natural ability of the healthy brain and nervous system to readily store and recall information
Support the nervous system by maintaining the natural flow of blood through arteries
Promote healthy vascular circulation and oxygen-rich blood flow in the body
Reduce memory problems and normal forgetfulness commonly associated with aging

What is MemoRise ?

MemoRise is a 100% safe, non-addictive, herbal remedy for natural memory enhancement. Formulated by a clinical psychologist specifically for middle-aged adults or seniors, MemoRise can been used to safely maintain health and systemic balance in the brain and nervous system, without harmful side effects or stimulants.

MemoRise contains a selection of herbs known for their supportive function in maintaining brain, nervous system, circulatory health, and well-being. The formula remains true to the full spectrum method of herbal extraction, ensuring the bioavailability and balance of all the active ingredients contained in the remedy.
This method of manufacturing also significantly reduces the likelihood of side effects and ensures that all active ingredients are in perfect balance – exactly as nature intended.

In combination with a healthy lifestyle, diet, and other memory techniques, MemoRise supports the healthy functioning of the brain and nervous system, thereby helping to maintain memory and optimum performance. MemoRise provides support for routine information processing and retrieval, improved memory techniques, and helps reduce the common forgetfulness associated with an aging brain. MemoRise can be used consistently, without compromising health or risk of serious side effects.

What is the Professional Medical Community saying about our Products?

“I have personally prescribed a variety of these Products over the past year and have been pleasantly surprised by the excellent results that have been achieved. I can thoroughly recommend a trial... ”
- Dr. J.F. Cumming, MB BS (London), Private Practitioner and GP

“I have been using these Products in my practice for the past two years. Both children and adults have benefited from the effects of the remedies and I can comfortably say that the response has been outstanding.”
- Victoria Whitefield, Psychologist and Licensed Counselor in Private Practice

How has MemoRise helped others?

My memory was getting worse and worse. My wife put us both on MemoRise, and my mind feels clear again for the first time in years. I notice a big improvement in my circulation as well. There is still some life left in the old boy, it seems!

"I was very worried that I was developing early signs of the memory loss that had affected my mother so very badly. I had to write everything down, and words were always at the tip of my tongue. I am glad to say that after taking MemoRise for 5 weeks, these symptoms have very much improved. I also find that I have more energy and vitality - thank you!"
- Grace, 59 yrs old

"I'm a 37-year-old working mom. My memory has deteriorated tremendously since the birth of my 2nd child, who is now four. I could never remember where I placed my things or what people said. It's really embarrassing [because] many times when colleagues ask for certain favors, and the next moment later, I totally forget! After taking MemoRise for merely 1 week, (I wasn't expecting any miracle yet) I noticed that the things I'm supposed to do, e.g., bring some stuff to work the next day will just pop into my head. I'm proud to say that now I'm a woman of my words! Thank you so much!"
-Julia, Singapore

"My memory was getting worse and worse, and I thought, 'Oh well, that's just old age creeping up on me.' My wife put us both on MemoRise, and my mind feels clear again for the first time in years. I notice a big improvement in my circulation as well. There is still some life left in the old boy, it seems!"
-John, Canada

What are the Ingredients?

A helpful supplement in preventing memory loss, MemoRise is a 100% herbal natural memory enhancement formula which contains the following three powerful proven herbs in therapeutic dosage:

Ginkgo Biloba is an extremely effective herb used in traditional Chinese medicine and is derived from one of the oldest trees on earth. Ginkgo biloba is native to the Far East and has been grown in temple gardens for thousands of years. In recent years, the first US-based trial corroborated Ginko biloba's efficacy in the treatment of dementia to stabilize and, in some cases, improve cognition and social functioning in patients with mild to moderate dementia/Alzheimer's disease or multi-infarct dementia (Le Bars P, Katz M, Berman N, Turan M, Freedman A, Schatzberg A. 'A placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomized trial of an extract of Ginkgo biloba for dementia'. JAMA. 1997;278:1327-1332). In another trial, healthy geriatric patients demonstrated better cognitive function after taking Ginko biloba (Hindemarch I, Subhan Z. 'The pharmacological effects of Ginkgo biloba extract in normal healthy volunteers'. Int J Clin Pharmacol Res. 1984;4:89-93).
Rosmarinus officinalis (also known as Rosemary) has a reputation for strengthening memory. Rosemary is well-known in modern herbalism as an all-around tonic and energizer. Studies have also suggested that Rosemary can promote healthy cerebral blood flow (CBF) (Pointel JP, Boccalon H, Cloarec M, Ledevehat C, Joubert M. Angiology 1987;38[1 Pt 1]:46-50). In addition, recent laboratory analysis has found that Rosemary contains acetyl-cholinesterase inhibitors, chemicals that prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine in the brain (al-Sereiti MR, Abu-Amer KM, Sen P. Pharmacology of rosemary [Rosmarinus officinalis Linn.] and its therapeutic potentials. Indian J Exp Biol. 1999;37[2]:124-130). Acetylcholine is a brain chemical that is involved in memory functioning, and deficiency in this chemical has been linked to serious mental diseases affecting memory.
Salvia Officinalis (also known as Sage) is the Latin name for sage, which means "to heal". Sage leaf is an approved herb by the German Commission E for internal and external use (Blumenthal, M [Ed.]: ''The Complete German Commission E Monographs: Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicine'.' American Botanical Council. Austin, TX. 1998). A recent study indicated the efficacy of Salvia officinalis extract in the management of mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease - a serious degenerative condition characterized by a slow, progressive decline in cognitive function and behavior (Akhondzadeh S, Noroozian M, Mohammadi M, Ohadinia S, Jamshidi AH, Khani M. Salvia officinalis extract in the treatment of patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease: a double blind, randomized and placebo-controlled trial. Roozbeh Psychiatric Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Institute of Medicinal Plants, Iranian Academic Centre for Education, Culture and Research, Tehran, Iran).

How long until I see results?

With regular use of MemoRise, a sustained balance of normal healthy brain activity should be achieved, thereby helping in preventing memory loss. In some cases, it may take a little longer for MemoRise to operate in a supportive capacity to a healthy brain and nervous system. MemoRise contains three powerful, all-natural proven herbs in a concentrated medicinal extract, and it is important that it be taken regularly in order to enhance the overall brain tonic effect. Over time, MemoRise should help alleviate the standard mental problems commonly experienced with aging and support the normal brain functions of memory, recognition, and abstract thinking. MemoRise should be used consistently in conjunction with other factors that contribute to overall positive functioning, such as memory techniques and a healthy lifestyle. Be aware that lifestyle factors such as diet, health, and fitness levels will all play a part in maintaining overall healthy brain function. Regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and a healthy, balanced diet will all contribute to good health and well-being.

How long will a bottle last?

One bottle of MemoRise contains 60 capsules and will last approximately 15 days when taking the full adult dosage (2 capsules two times daily).

Still have more questions about MemoRise?

Check out our frequently asked questions about MemoRise.

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