Baldness/ Thinning Hair

Symptoms of Thinning of Hair

Here are a few suggestions that can aid in preventing hair loss:

Include a sufficient amount of vitamin A complex and vitamin B complex in your diet.
Also include zinc and copper in your diet as these elements are said to promote healthy hair growth.
Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.
Consider taking flaxseed oil or evening primrose oil supplement along with your multivitamin tablet.
Avoid hair products such as shampoos or hair dyes that contain harsh chemicals.
Minimize your use of hair dryers and heated rollers.
Avoid exposure to the sun and protect your hair from the scorching heat by wearing a hat.
Quit smoking.

Natural Cures

Several treatments are available to reverse or slow the trend of hair loss. Medications, topical ointments, and hair transplants are some of these treatments. You may also try some of the following natural cures to handle the thinning of hair.

Essential oils

Temporary hair loss that is caused by alopecia areata can be treated by massaging the hair and scalp daily with essential oils of herbs that are believed to work as hair tonics. Here are a few suggestions:

Take three drops each of essential oils of thyme, rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood and mix them with one eighth of a cup of grapeseed oil and one eighth of a cup of jojoba oil.
Mix four drops of geranium oil, four drops of lavender oil, four drops of cypress oil, three drops of rosemary oil, two drops of cinnamon oil, two drops of juniper oil, and one drop of frankincense oil. Take one drop of this blend and massage it into your scalp on a nightly basis. Remember to not overuse the oil blend and stop the use if there are any signs of irritation as you are dealing with pure and undiluted essential oils.
Prepare a stimulating lotion by mixing 50 milliliters of rosewater, 50 milliliters of distilled water, 15 milliliters of apple cider vinegar, five drops of rosemary oil, six drops of jojoba oil, three drops of carrot oil, and three drops of geranium oil. Massage approximately two teaspoons of this mixture into the scalp every morning after washing and partly drying the hair. Do not stretch or break the hair while massaging. Also, keep the lotion in the fridge and shake well before using it.
Bhringaraj oil or brahmi oil should be regularly applied to the scalp to stimulate hair growth. The Ayurvedic herbs ashwagandha and amla are also reported to stimulate hair growth.

Other remedies

Applying onion juice or onion juice mixed with honey to the hair before bedtime is said to work well for preventing hair loss. Remember to cover your head with a plastic wrap to protect your bedding.
Combine equal amounts of olive oil and rosemary oil in a bottle, shake vigorously, and massage into the scalp. Keep the mixture on the scalp overnight and wash it off with a mild shampoo the next morning.
Essential oil of bay leaves and lavender is said to stimulate the scalp and improve the health of hair. Add six drops of each of the oils to four ounces of warm carrier oil such as almond oil or sesame oil. Massage the mixture into the scalp and leave it on for at least 20 minutes.

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