Pure-Clenz Solution

Helps to cleanse wounds and facilitate healing

Use Pure-Clenz Solution to:

Cleanse irritated wounds and bites
Promote the natural healing process of the skin
Provide natural infection prevention
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What is Pure-Clenz Solution ?

"Pure-Clenz Solution (and Pure-Heal Gel) are the mainstay of my medicine cabinet at home. Between my husband, a DIY enthusiast, our three children and me, we must use Pure-Clenz at least once every week in our family. It is the only product that I ever use as it works fantastically. My children love it because it doesn't sting. and it stops the bleeding right away. We always use your Pure-Heal gel afterwards and are thrilled with the way they work. So far, we have no infections and no scarring in our family" - Bianca, full time mom, MA

"My mother is getting on in years, and she has very thin skin which is easily damaged - she just has to brush past the kitchen table, and she will cut herself. It has been an ongoing battle looking after these cuts and scrapes as they tend to get infected so quickly and, at her age, infection really worries me. Pure-Clenz Solution has really helped her. It works fast, she bleeds much less, and she heals much quicker."-Gail J, New York

"Thank you for your great products! I have just added Pure-Clenz Solution and Pure-Heal to my collection, and I am so impressed with the way that they work. Keep up with the great new products!" -Ms. M Timballe

What is the Professional Medical Community saying about our Products?

“I have personally prescribed a variety of these Products over the past year and have been pleasantly surprised by the excellent results that have been achieved. I can thoroughly recommend a trial... ”
- Dr. J.F. Cumming, MB BS (London), Private Practitioner and GP

“I have been using these Products in my practice for the past two years. Both children and adults have benefited from the effects of the remedies and I can comfortably say that the response has been outstanding. ”
- Victoria Whitefield, Psychologist and Licensed Counselor in Private Practice

How has Pure-Clenz Solution helped others?

It is the only product that I ever use as it works fantastically. My children love it because it doesn’t sting… and it stops the bleeding right away. - Bianca, MA, USA

"At the age of 45, I have suffered from hay fever all my life, especially in the spring. My doctor and I have tried almost all the anti-histamines one by one which are usually effective at first and then less so as time goes by. Some years it got so bad I could not go out of the house and I always felt so unattractive with swollen and watering eyes and huge red nose! I have tried other herbs with limited success, but I was drawn to this remedy because it contained homeopathics and herbs. So far I have had far fewer symptoms with only a few mild attacks even though this is the time of year that usually really gets to me. I am going to purchase your SOS Hista Drops as advised when I spoke to your consultant. "
- Shirley M. UK

"I would like to take a moment to announce the results that AllergiClear has had on my daughter and I. We both suffer from seasonal allergies and within 5 days of taking AllergiClear we both where coughing less and sleeping more. It has also been a natural alternative to Singulair that was prescribed for my 3year old daughter. Thank you once again!"
- Amy, PA

"I developed allergies in my teens to just about anything, especially house dust and animals. Antihistamines went everywhere with me, but didn't do the job completely. Without them I was a mess - with them I managed but always felt drowsy, depressed and listless. As a young man I did not even date much because I felt I could not kiss a girl when my nose was blocked and swollen and I felt unattractive. These tablets and the drops have helped more than I can say. Native Remedies products have helped every time I have used them for anything, including my allergies. "
- Bennett, Melbourne Australia

What are the Ingredients?

Pure-Clenz Solution contains the following carefully chosen combination of herbal ingredients:

Agrimonia eupatoria (Agrimony) is a well-known astringent which helps to tighten and constrict tissues and will therefore help to staunch blood flow and diminish blood loss. In addition, the natural properties of Agrimony will assist with recovery and promote the natural healing process of the cellular tissue.
Hamamelis virginiana (Witch Hazel) has a long history of use among Native Americans and is found in numerous commercial skin care and treatment products. Like Agrimony, the natural astringent properties of Witch Hazel are invaluable in the healing process.
Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) was named after Achilles, the Greek mythical figure, who used it to stop the bleeding wounds of his soldiers.
Calendula officianalis (Marigold) is one of the best and most highly respected herbs in the management of local skin problems. Calendula is an effective first-aid solution for all minor burns and scalds, as well as any skin abrasion. Calendula will also benefit the healing process by stimulating the natural process of healthy skin and tissue regeneration.

Pure-Clenz Solution contains less than 1% pure pharmaceutical grade ethanol when diluted as directed.

How long until I see results?

Applying Pure-Clenz Solution to the affected area will immediately reduce any bleeding and cleanse the lesion. Regular use thereafter will promote rapid and healthy healing.

How long will a bottle last?

Pure-Clenz Solution comes in a 50ml bottle and is a strong and concentrated formula. Exactly how long a bottle lasts will depend on the frequency of use.

Still have more questions about Pure-Clenz Solution ?

Check out our frequently asked questions about Pure-Clenz Solution

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