ClearSkin-A Gel for Skin Disorders nd Acne

Nature's treatment for acne control and prevention, containing carefully selected herbs to:

Treat Existing Acne Skin Eruptions
Prevent Future Breakouts
Improve Skin Appearance
Reduce Scarring
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ClearSkin Daily Skin Wash is formulated to:

Cleanse the skin thoroughly without drying or flaking.
Leave an invisible protective healing film to soften and protect the skin against bacterial infection.
Heal existing pimples, improve skin textures and circulation.
Work together with Native Remedies’ ClearSkin-A Acne Gel to prevent future outbreaks.

What is ClearSkin-A Acne Gel?

ClearSkin-A Acne Gel contains extracts of a variety of herbs especially chosen to treat acne on the number of levels. Clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of its ingredients as well as its anti-bacterial properties.
ClearSkin-A Acne Gel will Quickly heal existing pimples and eruptions when they first emerge and prevent them from spreading to form new pimples.

Used regularly it will reduce and prevent the emergence of pimples due to its antibacterial properties.
ClearSkin-A Acne Gel, together with the ClearSkin Daily Skin Wash will also improve the appearance of your skin.
Unlike some other acne medications, it does not cause unsightly dry patches and helps to reduce the effects of scarring.

What is the Professional Medical Community saying about our Products?

“I have personally prescribed a variety of these Products over the past year and have been pleasantly surprised by theexcellent results that have been achieved. I can thoroughly recommend a trial... ”
- Dr. J. F. Cumming, MB BS (London), Private Practitioner and GP

“I have been using these Products in my practice for the past two years. Both children and adults have benefited from
the effects of the remedies and I can comfortably say that the response has been outstanding. ‘
- Victoria Whitefield, Psychologist and Licensed Counselor in Private Practice.

How have ClearSkin-A Acne Gel helped others?

I am really impressed with this acne gel; it helped me in a couple of days. I’m really seeing improvements now. -Chris , New Jersey

“They say you grow out of acne, well that didn’t happen for me. The more I tried stuff, the more I had to hide my face away. Your ClearSkin-A Acne Gel natural treatments worked better than anything else I’ve tried - thanks a bunch!”
- Clive, SA

“I used to have bad eczema as a child but it cleared up nicely. Now I only get it when I am stressed or when my skin comes into contact with some cleaning chemicals. When it flares up i use your Clearskin-E Cream straight away an it soon goes away - think you making a products that works!”
- Henry, 29 years old

“This has worked great on my 9 year old daughter’s eczema. I’ve not seen anything that works as last as this cream and itis gentle enough for her to use daily. I am ordering another tube today! Thanks. ”
- Vicky R., IL

What are the Ingredients?

Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree oil) is a traditional remedy of the Aboriginal tribes of Austrealia. Studies have shown that it has exceptional healing powers due to its anti-bacterial,anti-fungal and anti-septic actions. Tea Tree Oil was included in the wound dressing kits of the Australian troops in World War2. it is one of few healing oils whichcan be used neat without irritating or drying the skin.

Arctium lappa is used naturopathically for the treatment of all chronic skin conditions, including acne, eczema, psoriasis and canker sores. It has even been used by traditional healers to treat snake bite.Its antibiotic and antibacterial properties make it a highly effective treatment for all chronic and stubborn skin problems.

Aspalathus linearis (Rooibos) is an indigenous shrub, which grows exclusively on the slopes of the Cedarberg Mountains in the western Cape province of south Africa and has been used by traditional healers of the area for centuries. Now known worldwide for its anti-ixidant and healing properties, the soothing and healing effect of Rooibos on the skin is remarkable.

Bulbine frutescence is indigenous to South Africa and is widely used by traditional healers to treat a wide range of skin complaints. Commonly called Bulbinella, buibine is effective in preventing skin infection, healing and soothing cuts, rashes, insect bites, burns, cold sores, pimples and other skin problems. Its clear and soothing gel forms an invisible ‘seal’ over the wound, protecting against bacteria and providing ongoing relief and healing throughout the day.

As well as Zingiber officinalis oil, Cymbopogon citratus oil, Aloe ferox tr., Hydrocotyle asiatica tr., Hamamelis Virginia- num tr., in gel base.

How long until I see results?

Improvement should be noted within 24-48 hours, provided that skin is kept clean and eruptions are not squeesed of picked at. Allow 2-3 weeks of constant use to see significant results.

How long will a tube last?

Clear Skin-A Acne Gel (25g) - Applied three times daily, will last 20-25 days.

Still have more questions about Clear Skin-A Gel?

Check out our frequently asked questions about Clear Skin-A Gel.


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